Permanent Salt Therapy Room

Aug 01, 2020

Have you heard of Salt Therapy? Salt Chambers for humans are a popular therapy helping all types of respiratory ailments.  Although  only just becoming popular  in the equine world Salt Therapy works just as well on our equine athletes. Since the installation of our Salt Therapy Room we have been able to provide our horses with a drug free alternative when respiratory conditions occur.  We have had fantastic results using Salt Thearpy with horses diagnosed with both Sinusitis and Pneumonia.  In our stable we routinely use it for  a wide range of symptoms .....horses who have had throat operations, those showing signs of congestion in their airways, any coughs or colds, greasy heel and horses suffering from EIPH.  The room provides a stress free environment where dry salt particles are distributed throughout the room via a halo-generator. The use of our Therapy Room  helps to improve and maintain performance and aid in the recovery and wellbeing of horses in our care.  More information on Equine Salt Therapy can be found at